Access Control Power Supply
  • Name: 12V DC 5A Plastic Box Access Control Power supply with Backup (7AH BAT)
  • Product Code: STD-SMJY05-12-7Z
  • Incoterm: FOB
  • Availability: In Stock
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1. Wide input range: 100-240VAC  50/60Hz.;
2. Charging voltage:13.6-13.8V ;

3. Output voltage:12.0-13.8V ; 

4. Output current:  5A ;

5. Uninterruptedly Power range:40nS, Adjustable time:0-45s

6. With UPS terminal which can connect with battery,Undervoltage protection for Battery:10.5V ;

7. Battery size: 12V/2A/3A/5A(Small box)-- 7Ah battery;  12V/3A/5A(Big box)--17Ah battery;

8. 100% Enough Power and 100% 8 hour burn-in test;

9. Other output voltage and current can be customized


 Short circuit, Over current, Overload, Overvoltage protection,Auto protective function;

  • Applicable to building intercom system, all kinds of indoor and outdoor entrance guard controller, and all kinds of access control electric door lock.


1. Directly control electric lock to reduce the load of access controller
2. NC output can control all kinds of electric lock
3. Set up unlock button input to directly open lock
4. Automatically cut down power or burn out fuse when short circuit and other accidents happen 
5. With strong anti-interference ability, excellent stability and reliability
6. Apply to all building intercom and access control systems, particularly for driving all kinds of electric locks.